Helping West Palm Beach With Intervention Project For Nurses Referrals

Nurses suspected of working while impaired are routinely referred to the Florida Intervention Project for Nurses. IPN, as it's known, is an alternative mechanism in lieu of reporting incidents to the Department of Health. Although the process is different, the program conditions are just as stringent.

Assistance With Your IPN Referral

At Bonilla Law Associates, P.L., we defend nurses in West Palm Beach, Florida, and all areas of the state against IPN action. Whether you are facing a referral because of an alleged mental or physical impairment or impairment from drug or alcohol use, our attorneys have unique experience to help you.

Both Luis Bonilla and Trevor Suter were former prosecutors with the Department of Health prior to defending individuals facing such actions. They know both sides of the law and can utilize such unique knowledge to help you in your defense.

Mr. Bonilla was also a former registered nurse in the United States military for 20 years. He is familiar with the everyday responsibilities of a nurse and the challenges he or she often faces.

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If you have been referred by an employer to the IPN program, contact us before you report to the IPN or before you take any action.

Whether you need representation proving your innocence, additional drug testing, or character references, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to advocate for you and mitigate potential problems down the line.

Fluent Spanish. Flexible evening and weekend appointments are available. Affordable $50 consultations.

Also assisting nurses with Emergency Suspension Orders.