Spanish-Speaking Attorney Helping Nurses With ESOs

Nursing license emergency suspension orders are nothing to take lightly. If you are a nurse and have been served an ESO, the Department of Health has reason to believe that your ability to practice in a safe manner is in jeopardy.

Although fear is understandable, you have options. Finding an attorney to help is vital to mitigating potential repercussions you could face.

Former Prosecutors With The Department Of Health

At Bonilla Law Associates, P.L., we help nurses in West Palm Beach, Florida, and all across the state of Florida who have received emergency suspension orders and can no longer earn a living.

Our attorneys, Luis Bonilla and Trevor Suter have extensive experience with these issues. Prior to defending individuals in private practice, they were both former prosecutors for the Department of Health. They are familiar with the process involved with emergency suspension orders and what's needed to prove a case. Today, they use this knowledge to help defend individuals facing ESOs.

Military Nurse

Luis Bonilla was a nurse himself and understands the day-to-day duties and struggles of those in the nursing profession. For 20 years, he worked as a registered nurse with the Army and Air Force before becoming a lawyer.

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Whether it's filing a motion to get your suspension lifted, petitioning for an expedited suspension hearing or appealing the order, we can help. We will sit down with you, discuss the situation and the best route to take for your circumstance.

We offer flexible appointments and affordable $50 consultations. Para Español.

We also assist with Emergency Restriction Orders (EROs).