Helping West Palm Beach With Nurse License Complaints

Nurses all across the country in all fields can find themselves facing an investigation by the Department of Health regarding a compliant issued by an employer, co-worker or former patient. When this happens, contacting an attorney experienced in handling such matters before speaking to an investigator is recommended.

At Bonilla Law Associates, P.L., we represent nurses in West Palm Beach, Florida, and all across the state of Florida who have had administrative complaints filed against their license.

Former Prosecutors With The Department Of Health

Our attorneys, Luis Bonilla and Trevor Suter, have years of experience defending against nursing license complaints, emergency suspension orders, referrals to the Intervention Project for Nurses and other related matters that affect registered nurses.

Both are extremely familiar with the process and the parties involved. Before representing nurses in private practice, Luis and Trevor were prosecutors who worked for the Department of Health.

Ex Enfermero Que Habla Español

Mr. Bonilla has unique skills that set him apart from our competitors. He speaks fluent Spanish and was a former registered nurse in the United States Army and Air Force. He understands the lingo, job responsibilities of nurses and their everyday struggles—particularly for Spanish-speaking individuals.

Whether you are a registered nurse practitioner, registered nurse anesthetist or certified nurse midwife, we can help.

Contact Our Office: 561-202-1669

If you receive notice that the Department of Health has opened an initial licensure investigation against you regarding a nurse license complaint, call us at 561-202-1669 to schedule an appointment to talk about your situation with one of our lawyers.

We offer flexible evening and weekend appointments and affordable $50 consultations.