Nearly A Decade Of Experience Handling Nursing License Complaints

At Bonilla Law Associates, P.L., we assist individuals in West Palm Beach, Florida, and all across the state of Florida with all nursing license matters. Our attorneys Luis Bonilla and Trevor Suter have extensive experience assisting nurses with these matters.

We are here to help you.

Former Registered Military Nurse

Mr. Bonilla is retired military. Prior to practicing law, he worked as a registered nurse in the Army and Air Force for 20 years. He knows everything that nurses know, like their day-to-day experiences and professional challenges. Mr. Bonilla has worked in pediatrics, oncology, medical- surgical, emergency rooms, family practice clinics, mental health and even nursing management.

Both of our lawyers are also former prosecutors with the Department of Health. They know the tools and resources available to prosecutors handling nursing license matters. Now they utilize this knowledge to help defend such cases.

Handling All Nursing License Defense Matters

We can assist with all matters relating to nursing license defense including:

  • Emergency suspension orders: If the Department of Health has issued an emergency suspension order that has temporarily retracted your nursing license, we can help.
  • Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN): We assist nurses who are facing intervention by the IPN because of alleged substance abuse problems.
  • Nursing license complaints: We represent nurses who have received a notice by the Department of Health of its intention to open an initial licensure investigation regarding a complaint.

Contact Us At 561-202-1669; Para Español

If you are under investigation, you could face license revocation, an inability to earn a living, as well as serious fines.

Let us help you through the process. Call 561-202-1669. We speak Spanish.

We also offer flexible appointments during the evening and weekend, and affordable $50 consultations.