Helping West Palm Beach With License Suspension Matters

Cited For Driving While License Suspended, Revoked, Canceled Or Disqualified? We Can Help.

Many people pulled over for traffic offenses or suspected drunk driving are often cited for driving with a suspended license or without a license at all. Even if those pulled over are issued a simple speeding ticket, they would still face serious charges.

A first-time offense for driving with a revoked or suspended license in the state of Florida is a second-degree misdemeanor with a $500 maximum fine and/or imprisonment. Depending on the circumstances, individuals could face a felony charge. Hikes to insurance rates and long-term damage to criminal records are also likely.

Years Of Experience Handling License Suspension Citations

At Bonilla Law Associates, P.L., our attorneys have extensive experience defending such matters for West Palm Beach, Florida, residents and drivers in the surrounding communities. Our attorneys have years of criminal defense experience and have represented many people through the years in similar circumstances.

Whether this is your first offense or third offense, we can help defend you and mitigate the long-term consequences you could face. We will examine the situation surrounding the stop, discuss the options available and whether a hardship driver's license can be obtained.

We also assist with other traffic matters including reckless driving and DUI defense.

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