Para Español, Abogado En Su Idioma

Are you or a family member looking for an attorney? At Bonilla Law Associates, P.L., we assist individuals and their families in and around West Palm Beach, Florida, with a wide variety of legal issues.

Our attorneys, Luis Bonilla and Trevor Suter each have a decade of legal experience helping many individuals from all around the world including those from South America, Australia and Canada.

Retired Military Veteran

Mr. Bonilla speaks fluent Spanish and is retired military. Before obtaining his law license, he spent 20 years in the Army and Air Force working as a registered nurse in various capacities including pediatrics, oncology, family practice and mental health. His wide range of experience gives him an advantage to handling nursing licensing matters today.

Prior Public Defenders

Both of our attorneys have also worked as public defenders, prior to handling cases in private practice. They each have defended many people facing a wide range of criminal charges, gained valuable criminal defense experience, honed their courtroom skills and gotten to know the players involved, including the prosecutors and judges.

Today, their knowledge and experience is utilized to assist clients in South Florida.

Helping You With A Wide Range Of Legal Issues

If you need help with a legal matter, we can assist with:

  • Criminal defense matters such as domestic violence, drug offenses, theft crimes and traffic offenses, including reckless driving, driving with a suspended license and without a license, as well as juvenile delinquency charges
  • Nursing license defense that involves emergency suspension orders, IPN disciplinary measures, nursing license complaints and Department of Health investigations
  • Family law matters that involve uncontested issues on divorce, modifications and relocation matters. We also assist with bilingual mediation.

Our Services

We understand that cost is always a concern for many people who need legal representation. Instead of billing by the hour, we always charge a legal fee for every 6 months of representation. At Bonilla Law Associates, P.L. you will always know up-front the total amount you will pay regardless of the service.

Contact one of our lawyers at 561-202-1669 or online. We offer 30-minute consultations for $50. Our office is walking distance from the courthouse.